Welcome to Year 5



We start our time in Year 5 with a fantastic fantasy adventure: How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell. Whilst we discover more about the unusual hero of the tale - Hiccup - we also use the text as a great stimulus for creative, descriptive writing focusing on dragons!


What we are learning in Y5

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Mrs Wood's helpful way to make short work of long division.


Over the autumn term we will discover who the Anglo Saxons were, why they came to Britain, their daily life as well the legacy they left behind.


Over the term we will be studying fish. Starting by drawing real fish, close up, then looking at the way line and form can be recreated using recycled items to create a collagraph to print from.


We will begin the year with a very 'hands-on' chemistry unit - Materials and their Properties. We will look at how different materials change through chemical reactions, including burning and dissolving. We also look at which materials are magnet, thermal and electrical conductors. Click the scientist picture below to watch some video clips about different chemical changes in materials.

In the second half of the term we undertake a physics unit - Forces. This unit is also very practical as we explore water and air resistance as well as which surface creates the most friction!

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