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Supporting Learning at Home

We love parents to support their child's learning in partnership with the school. Class teachers will always make parents aware of  the ideal level of parental involvement at the beginning of the school year. Class webpages on this website may also provide a useful way to connect school, alongside the information regularly sent home with pupils. All children have their own reading diaries and school reading books - it benefits them hugely to have the opportunity to read to somebody at home on a daily basis.

Assessing Without Levels


In April 2014, the Department for Education released “Assessment Principles”, a document outlining the core values all effective assessment systems should implement as part of the changes introduced with the 2014 National Curriculum.


As the “Government will not impose a single system for ongoing assessment”, it is up to schools to implement a system that can: “Give reliable information to parents about how their child, and their child’s school, is performing, help drive improvement for pupils and teachers, and make sure the school is keeping up with external best practice and innovation.”


St. Wilfrid's is implementing a strategy for measuring pupil progress (with reference to target expectations) and a brief outline of the associated methodology has been prepared...

St. Wilfrid's Assessment


In response to the 2014 primary curriculum and the move towards assessment without levels, St. Wilfrid's has developed its own writing tracker to monitor pupil progress and set targets. This will ensure continuity and smooth progression as children make their journey through St. Wilfrid's. 


You might find it useful to look at the age expected targets for writing. As all children progress at different rates, not only in their overall writing ability, but also in key areas, it can assist parents/carers to understand where their child is and what they can do to help with progression.


Click here to access the St. Wilfrid's Writing Tracker

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