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Our Ethos and Values

Learning and growing together; living life in all its fullness

St Wilfrid’s Church of England Primary School lies at the heart of the community it serves. We work together, inclusively, as part of our local and wider community, striving to enable all children and members of our school to live life ‘in all its fullness’.  Driven by our Christian values, through the provision of an inspiring, engaging and creative curriculum, we aim to equip children with the knowledge skills and experiences that will enable them to thrive in an ever changing world.

Our Christian Values

We apply the golden rule ‘Do unto others as you would have done to yourself’ when we consider each of our values. Each half term, a value becomes a focus across school

Our core values are:

Kindness, Love, Respect, Faith, Resilience, Joy


Our Aims

  • To nurture children within a Christian environment that enables them to develop their own values and beliefs

  • To provide a high quality education that promotes within all, a love of learning

  • To create an environment that inspires engagement, creativity and curiosity

  • To value and respect all members of the school and wider community

  • To provide enrichment that enables all children an opportunity to flourish as they find their place in the world

  • Through our Christian values, we aim to cherish the whole person through mind, body and spirit.

Useful RE Syllabus Documents :

The St. Wilfrid's School ethos is embedded in a whole-school approach that perfectly complements the pursuit of British Values, please click below for more information...

This document provides an overview of the new RE 'Agreed Syllabus'.

This document details the schools intent for its RE curriculum as well as how this will be implemented and the overall impact it will have on our pupils.

This document outlines the acquisition of knowledge and understanding with respect to Christianity and other religions/worldviews for the end of each key stage.

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