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Our Ethos and Values

Promote Christian Practices, Aspire to Excellence, Realise Potential, Foster Creativity

We try to achieve our best as individuals without being individualistic. As a Christian school we encourage learning within an environment that is supportive, collaborative and inclusive - "Do to others as you would have them do to you" is the 'Golden Rule' that is embedded in our ethos. We do our best to make sure that this ethos permeates every aspect of school-life - whether we are in the classroom, the community or busy with our many trips and events.

Useful RE Syllabus Documents :

This document outlines the acquisition of knowledge and understanding with respect to Christianity and other religions/worldviews for the end of each key stage.

This document provides an overview of the new RE 'Agreed Syllabus'.

This document details the schools intent for its RE curriculum as well as how this will be implemented and the overall impact it will have on our pupils.

The St. Wilfrid's School ethos is embedded in a whole-school approach that perfectly complements the pursuit of British Values, please click below for more information...

This beautiful crucifix has been in our school for very many years.

Our Christian values are embedded within our ethos :

We aim to serve our community by providing an education of the highest quality, within the context of Christian belief and practices. 

Please click on the picture of the candle-lit service below to find out more about our success in enabling pupils to learn within a nurturing Christian framework...

We have recently embarked on the UNICEF programme to become a 'Rights Respecting School'...


To appreciate how we ensure that our pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development across the curriculum and through extra-curricular activities, please see our whole-school audit...

Our eco-friendly ethos is embedded in our children's day-to-day lives, please click below for more information...

Foster Creativity

Everyone is, or can be, creative, if given the opportunity. Creativity involves thinking or behaving in an imaginative way. Imaginative activity should be purposeful. The process must generate something original and the outcome must be of value. We will seek to enthusiastically engage children in stimulating and innovative activities. A creative approach to teaching will improve attainment.


Aspire to Excellence

A high standard of discipline promotes excellent behaviour, fostering positive attitudes to build confidence and encourage independence.


Realise Potential

We endeavour to create a safe, secure environment where all are welcomed and feel valued. Rigorous systems ensure that individual needs are recognised and supported using differentiated learning programmes in a climate of challenge and aspiration.


Promote Christian Practices

In all aspects of school life we seek to promote and develop the Christian attitudes of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility, gentleness and self control (Galatians 5: 22-3) through the experiences we offer all our pupils.

The stakeholders at St. Wilfrid’s C. of E. Primary School will endeavour to provide a personalised learning environment in which specialist staff can deliver a creative curriculum in a building designed for purpose. The environment will enable staff to develop high quality schemes of work and learning programmes that will deliver an exciting and innovative curriculum, meeting the needs of all children. A combination of existing school strengths and new areas of development will provide the foundation for this approach. Children will continue to access a comprehensive range of support and be provided with opportunities to take part in an increasingly wide range of enrichment and extra-curricular activities. The school will balance the desire for high academic standards with the education of the whole child.


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