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Our Ethos and Values

Learning and growing together; living life in all its fullness

St Wilfrid’s Church of England Primary School lies at the heart of the community it serves. We work together, inclusively, as part of our local and wider community, striving to enable all children and members of our school to live life ‘in all its fullness’.  Driven by our Christian values, through the provision of an inspiring, engaging and creative curriculum, we aim to equip children with the knowledge skills and experiences that will enable them to thrive in an ever changing world.

Our Aims

Nurture children within a Christian environment that enables them to develop their own values and beliefs.

Provide a high quality education that promotes within all, a love of learning. 

Create an environment that inspires engagement, creativity and curiosity. 

Value and respect all members of the school and wider community. 

Provide enrichment that enables all children an opportunity to flourish as they find their place in the world. 

Cherish the whole person through mind, body and spirit.

Our Christian Values

We consider Jesus’ words from Matthew’s gospel as he encourages us to 'Do unto others as you would have done to yourself’ as we live out our values across school

Our core values are:

Kindness, Love, Respect, Faith, Resilience, Joy

Each Friday, we come together in the name of God to reward those children who have upheld our school values. 

We focus on these values through the use of stories from the bible. 


Our School Prayer 

Dear Lord
Thank you for our school
Every day please help us 
to be kind to one another, 
to show love and respect to each other, 
to learn more about faith in you
to grow in our resilience in life
and to find joy in the things we do

Reflection Areas
St. Wilfrid's Church

Our school has an active relationship with St. Wilfrid's Church - enjoying regular visits from the vicar and other members of the church community, as well as celebrating collective worship in church each half-term.

We also celebrate significant events in the Church calendar in Church, including Easter, Christmas and Remembrance Day.

Our class 'Reflection Areas' are lovely spaces that provide the children with a  focus for contemplation; an opportunity to share and structure their thoughts and seek solutions for themselves and others.


St Wilfrid's Church

Southwell Minster

St. Wilfrid's is a regular visitor to the Minster, through the 'Time Travelling' events as well as the Year 4 Romans Day. 

Riverside Church

Sue and Robin from the Riverside Church always receive the warmest of welcomes from the children when they come to deliver their half-termly worships. Pupils are always left with a thought to reflect upon and a message to take home.

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