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The St. Wilfrid's School Uniform

The children wear the following uniform:


Mid grey trousers, skirt or pinafore dress

Blue shirt (long or short-sleeved) and school tie

Mid grey v-necked jumper or cardigan with the school logo

Black shoes with grey socks or tights


In the Summer Term and the beginning of Autumn Term 


Children have the option to wear blue and white checked summer dresses, together with blue, black or white closed sandals and white socks. They also have the option to wear shorts. If shorts are worn, the tie may be removed during the last half term of the school year.


PE & Swimming


All children require a P.E. kit comprising a white button polo shirt, royal blue shorts, plimsolls or trainers. Children may wear a plain navy tracksuit when the weather is cold.


Children go swimming from Years 2-4 and need a swimming costume (long shorts are not allowed in the pool) and towel. Goggles are not permitted unless there is a medical condition supported by a G.P.

The children need their P.E. kit to be in school every day. All kit needs to be brought to school and stored in a draw-string bag; these are available for purchase from the school office. We encourage the children to take their kit home for washing every weekend or whenever it becomes dirty.


Please ensure that all items of clothing are clearly named.


Children are not allowed... wear jewellery in school.


Children with pierced ears may wear just one pair of plain ear studs. For safety reasons, studs are removed during physical activities; this is the responsibility of the child. If you are considering having your child’s ears pierced, please make sure that it is done at the start of the summer holidays. No other jewellery is allowed.


Make-up, hair gel and nail varnish are considered to be inappropriate for primary school children and must not be worn. Plain ‘Alice’ type bands or ‘scrunchies’ are acceptable I school colours.


Cardigans, jumpers, coats, P.E. kit, reading bags, kit bags, ties and name labels are all available from the office

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