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British Values

The St. Wilfrid's 'Promoting British Values' Statement


The St Wilfrid’s School ethos strives to develop ‘attitudes of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility, gentleness and self control’  and is embedded in a whole-school approach, perfectly complementing the pursuit of British values .


A rich and varied curriculum has been designed to fully engage pupils in the learning process and is complemented by a diverse range of opportunities for extra-curricular activities that help prepare them for life in modern Britain.


St Wilfrid’s actively promotes the key components of ‘British Values’ and recognises this as an important element of pupils’ social development:












The St. Wilfrid’s School Council is an integral and established feature of school life. School Council members are elected through annual democratic class voting. Candidates are given the opportunity to persuade their peers through a ‘hustings’  process. The School Council hold weekly meetings in which they bring individual class concerns and requests as well as voting for the charity that the school will support for the year. In addition to this, decisions are made as to how events such as Comic Relief and Children in Need are supported by the school.


In classes, democratic voting is used where appropriate in decision-making processes such as which class novel to read next or who should represent the class in different competitions.


The Rule of Law


St. Wilfrid’s School has a high standard of behaviour and seeks to provide pupils with a clear and consistent framework of rewards and sanctions in line with its Behaviour Policy. Pupils are encouraged to understand that the basic need for consistent rules exists at every level of civil society - from classroom to the wider community.  St. Wilfrid’s School welcomes contributions made by authorities like the police service to pupils’ learning experience.


Individual Liberty


Within the context of established boundaries, individual pupils can safely exercise choice, whilst recognising that it is necessary to balance individual liberty against respect for the rights of others. St Wilfrid’s School strives to provide a supportive and caring school environment within which individuals can explore their potential. PSHE and E-safety awareness empower individuals to make sensible decisions at school and in the wider community. The curriculum and teaching style permit individuals to pursue an education that matches personal ability. Extra-curricular activities enable pupils to personalise their educational experience.


Mutual Respect


This is a core value that is an essential element of the school’s ethos and behaviour policy. Mutually beneficial relationships are negotiated within a framework of responsibilities and high expectations. Pupils are encouraged to understand that civil society is built on the social transactions of rights and responsibilities.


Tolerance of Different Faiths and Beliefs


St Wilfrid’s Church of England School provides teaching within a Christian context and maintains strong links with the Church at the level of the parish and diocese. Exercising tolerance is an extremely important element of this Christian context. Just as individual differences are embraced and appreciated, so too should the school facilitate an appreciation of the diversity that exists at every level of society - from the local to the global. A broad curriculum, collective worship and extra-curricular activities provide opportunities for pupils to develop an awareness of diversity, which prepares them for life in modern Britain.  Although the school promotes an acceptance of religious and cultural diversity, it is necessary that children develop an understanding that behaviour can only be accepted if it is within the boundaries set out by civil and criminal law.


SMSC stands for Spiritual, Moral, Social, and Cultural development, and it's a key aspect of education. Essentially, SMSC is about helping our pupils develop a range of personal and social skills that will enable them to become well-rounded, responsible, and engaged members of society. We regularly review our SMSC offer at St Wilfrids. Please see below our report detailing how we address this area. 

Spiritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Development 

" The RE curriculum emphasises the richness of Christian faith communities and also teaches about the major world religions of Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. Pupils learn about customs and festivals in other faiths, so that they are well prepared for the cultural differences in modern Britain."

Extract from St. Wilfrid's SIAMS Report April 2017

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