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Design and Technology
Here at St Wilfrid’s, we aim to provide a design and technology curriculum that allows children to learn skills and acquire knowledge which is useful for later life. It is our intention that every child will be given the opportunity to learn and develop key knowledge and skills relating to design and technology as they move through school, including designing, constructing, and using finishing techniques to complete a product. They will look at 5 areas over their primary school years, these include: Textiles, Food and Nutrition, Structures, Mechanisms and Electrical Systems. Each year builds on prior knowledge and skills and electronics are introduced in KS2.
Design and technology is taught at least three times per year in each class, alternating with Art and Design. The children are given opportunities to develop their confidence through investigating existing products, working to and creating design criteria, planning and designing products with different purposes, constructing products using a range of materials and techniques safely and testing and evaluating designs against their design criteria. The knowledge and skills learnt through the varying projects will enhance skills that can be used at home and in the future.

Curriculum Year 4

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