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Welcome to Year 2

The children will be reading 'The Great Race' – the story of the Chinese Zodiac. They will re-write the story in their own words with a focus on noun phrases, similes, coordinating and subordinating conjunctions, capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. 

We will then move on to instructional writing. The children will be linking their D&T to their English work and produce some writing on 'How to make bread' thinking about their use of imperative verbs. 

Linking with our history topic on The Great Fire of London, the children will explore diary writing, imagining they were in London at the start of the fire. Using our senses to describe the fire, using past tense verbs, subordinating and co-coordinating conjunctions, they will write their own first person diary. 

Later on in the term, as part of their geography topic 'Earths Incredible Oceans', they will be creating their own leaflet about a marine animal using subheadings, photographs with captions, factual sentences and paragraphs. 

In preparation for our Pirate Day, the children will be writing acrostic poems and riddles leading writing a recount. 


We will start the term looking at money. The children will be recognising coins and adding pounds and pence together before moving on to notes and finding change.  

When looking at multiplication and division, children will make the connection between repeated addition and multiplication. They will start to make this connection by recognising equal groups.


In our topic about materials we will be answering some key question: Which materials are best to make a raft for the Zodiac animals to cross the river? Why are materials used for different purposes? Which materials would be best to make a roof the Three Little Pigs house to keep them dry in the rain? The children will be taking part in lot of investigations to answer our key questions. 

We have an exciting unit of plants later on in the term. The children will be observing plant growth over time and finding out what plants need to grow and stay healthy. They will learn about the life cycle of a plant and begin to describe how plants mature and reproduce. 

We have got special planters especially for Year 2 to use!


Please click on the link below to find out what we will be learning in  Year 2 throughout the year.





Children will be given a set of spellings to learn and practice each week. Click on the above link for an overview of the words and patterns they will learn throughout the year.

Spelling Shed.png

Class Newsletters

In our Oceans and Seas topic, we will be naming the oceans of the world, finding out about different animals in the oceans, what is damaging the oceans and how to protect the oceans. 


We will be exploring The Great Fire of London researching when, where, how and why it started. Why did it spread so far and how they stop it?  We will also be taking part in a Partake Workshop where the children will dress up and re-enact the key events. 


What makes a good leader? Children will be looking at leaders in Christianity and Judaism such as Jesus, St Peter and Moses. 

Why does Easter matter to Christians? We will be re-telling the story, why the events of Holy week happened, how Christians follow Jesus’ teachings, recognising the importance of forgiveness. 


In 'invasion games', they will further develop their understanding of the basic and fundamental principles of invasion games such as attacking, defending, scoring and teamwork. They will learn how to dribble with a football, to pass and receive the ball in a variety of ways for a range of invasion games and to use space effectively in a game. Children will learn how to dodge to get free from a defender to receive a pass as well as how to mark an opposition player. 

In our 'Under the Sea' topic we will be learning and practising a variety of skills, including rolls, jumps and balances. Inspired by items and creatures found under the sea, they will develop their control, agility and coordination. 


The children will be learning about algorithms, learning that 'decomposition' means breaking a problem down into smaller parts. They will follow a basic set of instructions and assemble instructions into a simple algorithm, learning how to debug instructions when things go wrong.

D&T & Art

We will be designing and baking bread rolls inspired by both the Great Fire of London (Where it started) and the Zodiac Race for the designs. In art, we will be Mono printing, using ink and carbon copy paper – taking inspiration from our Oceans and Seas topic. 

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