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The St. Wilfrid's Gallery

2018 - 2019

Calverton Commemorating 1918-2018vi.jpg

'Calverton Commemorating 1918-2018'

Y6 York Trip 2018
Safety Zone 2018ix.JPG

Y5 & 6 Safety Zone Visit

Y6 York Visit

Children in Need Ramble iii.JPG

Children in Need Ramble

Den Building (8).JPG

Y3 Forest School

Y4 Egyptian Partake 2018 (29).JPG

Y4 Egyptian Partake

18.11.20j Fair Games.jpg

Christmas Fair Games 2018


A Midsummer Night's Dream

Hartington 2018 - Just Above Wolfscote D

Hartington Residential

St Wilfrid's Wombles ii.jpg

St Wilfrid's Wombles

2017 - 2018

Y4 Egyptian Partake

Y4 - A Class Classifies!

F2 - Chinese New Year


Y6 Shakespeare for Schools Festival

Y6 Fungus Foraging

Children in Need Ramble

F2 Children in Need Ramble

Y4 - Splendid Roman Castles Models

Snowy Field Fun

Y6 Viking Chess Pieces

Y6 Coffee Morning

Beetles, Bonfires & Other Stuff!

Y2 Forest School

Y4 Roman Play

Christmas Fair Games - Construction

Y6 Fencing

Ilam - Winter Residential

Y5 Southwell Workhouse

F2 Brackenhurst Visit

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