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Welcome to Year 6

Congratulations to our new 'Sports Leaders'

Have you ever felt a little bit fuzzy? Two of our lovely classmates have...

Time for Reflection

With the help of a local artist, everyone produced fantastic fish drawings - whether or not they were drawn to scale, they were certainly all finished! 

Year 6 just love reading – in fact they love it so much they find it hard to stop, no matter where they are or what they’re doing!...

The Class Vote

A vote was taken to choose which of the proposed charities should be presented to the School Council as Y6's preferred charity for this school year. Click below for the results...


Trent Bridge Visit

Monthly Coffee Morning

Screen Printing

Our Collective Worship in St. WIlfrid's Church

The sMILE Run

Science in Action

<!DOCTYPE html>



<title>Wonderful Mrs Wood's Y6 HTML Coding Lessons!</title>


An exploration, through art, of the Incarnation...

Something to look forward to - you'll get to have a go at Scratch & Python first.

Useful Additional Class Information

Mrs Wood's helpful way to make short work of long division.

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